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Rou Rou cried out. "Childe," he said. Zhaoxia woke up with a shock all over her body. She pressed Han Bo's chest feebly with her slender hand. She gave him a symbolic push and groaned as if begging for mercy: "Your Excellency!" Han Bai endured the feeling of burning like an explosion. Holding Zhaoxia's plump and greasy arm in his hand, he held her up and said modestly, "It's my fault. I just wanted to knock on the door." You just.. "Hey!" Facing the window, she stood up straight, gently earned, and motioned to Han Bo to let go of his big hand. Han Bo reluctantly let go and took a small step back. The morning glow raised her beautiful face, which was burning with a red edge and a jade neck. The cherry blossoms opened lightly. She gasped slightly and said, "It's nothing to do with the special envoy. It's the morning glow that's not good. She rushed out of the door without seeing clearly." By this time she had forgotten that Han Bo should not have gone to her room for any reason. Also forgot to Han Bo's skill, how can not avoid to one side in time. The two men's eyes touched again, and they were so frightened that they looked away. Behind Zhaoxia, Rourou glanced at Han Bo and said, "Are you looking for a slave?" "Oh, yes, yes," said Han Bo. Zhaoxia took the opportunity to get away and went to the cabin. "Let me get some snacks for the envoy and his wife," she said. It was not until her sultry figure disappeared at the corner of the corridor that Han Bo's soul returned,stainless steel needle valve, dragged Rourou, called him to his room, and closed the door from the inside. When Fan Liangji stepped into the room, he looked out of the window and drank from the clear stream that had not entered his throat for a long time. When he saw him come in, he said with a smile, "Brother Fan, please sit down. I really want to talk to you." Fan Liangji took the wine from Lang Fanyun and drank it up in one gulp. "There is such a good wine in the world,brass tube fitting," he said. "It makes me feel like I have sucked up the spirit of all her clear springs in one mouthful." The waves turned over the clouds and said with a smile, "This is a sprinkle brewed by the female wine fairy, Miss Zuo Shi. It uses the spring water from Nu Jiao Island." It's called Qingxi Liuquan. Fan Bao knew what was on my mind, so he specially brought me two jars. I saw that the trip to Shuangxiu Mansion was imminent. How could I enjoy myself without wine? So I reluctantly opened a jar to drink. Brother Fan came just in time. "No matter how reluctant Brother Lang is," said Fan Liangji Zhengrong, "I can tell you frankly that when you come back from Shuangxiu Mansion, you won't have half a drop of wine left, because if you hide the remaining jar under that bed, I'll steal it and drink it." "Aren't you forcing me to drink it up at once?" He asked with a smile. "Don't say anything," said Fan Liangji with a smile. The two of them laughed in unison, and both had the pleasure of drinking a thousand cups less than a bosom friend. Waves and clouds suddenly returned to the distant past of Shangguan Fei, Zuo Boyan, stainless steel hydraulic fitting ,stainless steel tube fitting, Ling Zhantian and others singing to the wine, feeling the true feelings in the wine glass again. Fan Liangji let the waves turn over the clouds and fill the clear stream and flowing spring. After clinking glasses with each other, he drank a cup and sighed with emotion: "No wonder you can get along so well with Zuo Shi.". Because one is a female wine fairy. One is a male alcoholic. Damn: It's really good wine. It makes my whole body relax and have no worries at all. Damn it: Qingxi is already fierce, and there will be another flowing spring in it. I really want to *** his grandmother's eighteen generations of ancestors. After listening with a smile to this world-shaking bandit God and his profound and intelligent rude words, he was silent for a long time and then said, "Brother Fan, I don't know if he feels the same way as me. Only the clear stream and flowing spring can make people really realize the wonderful state of" drunkenness. "Nothing else is good, including her father Zuo Boyan's red sun and fire. He still dislikes half of the evil." Fan Liangji leaned against the back of the chair and pulled out the stolen life. The tobacco was burning, and he puffed away in puffs. He kicked off his shoes without spinning and squatted on the chair. Waves over the clouds to see the cup to go, thinking: What is there in the world more wonderful than wine? Only in the blurred world of wine, he can love him to miss Ji Xixi. Fan Liangji smirked and said, "Will Brother Lang fall in love with the clear stream and flowing spring, and therefore fall in love with the hostess who brewed it?" Lang Fanyun smiled and said, "The tobacco you're smoking smells good. Give me a taste." Fan Liangji saw that someone appreciated his coming to the west, and that it was even more like a "sword of rain." He was so happy that he laughed. He specially added a handful of tobacco and handed it over to Langfanyun, saying, "Apart from the clear stream and flowing spring, there is no rival. ” Waves and clouds took a deep breath, and then pulled the breath into their lungs. After a few turns, the breath spurted out from their ears and nostrils. "This is Wu Fu's Tianxiangcao," they said. Return the stolen life to Fan Liangji. Fan Liangji took the cigarette. He looked lovingly at the vanilla on the tube and sighed, "I'm regretting that I stole vanilla too much with conscience last time." Remembering the clear stream and flowing spring, the waves and clouds felt the same and sighed with him. Then Zuo Shi pushed the door and came in. See two people chatting, smile and sit on the edge of the bed. Waves over the clouds gentle tunnel: "Poem son: mention why so high-spirited." Zuo Shi was startled and thought to himself that he was happy to have Han Bo as his adopted brother. It was too hard for her to accept. "It's nothing," he said hurriedly. "It's just that I had a good talk with Rou Rou and Mrs. Xia just now." With a smile on his lips, he looked at Fan Liangji and said, "I don't know if Brother Fan has ever thought about a problem, that is, when Shurangama's men come to save people, as long as you and Han Bo make a move.". I will know the details immediately. Because they're looking for you. So pay special attention to sensitivity. Fan Liangji smirked and said, "How could I not have thought about this?" And think of a good way to deal with, to ensure that the other side can not see through us. "Alas, it is a pity that without you, I can only rely on Sister Shi's adopted brother, Brother Bo." Zuo Shiben listened with relish, and in the last few days, as if waking up in a dream, he cried out "oh" and immediately blushed. Only then did he realize that not a word of what he had just said to Han Bo had missed the ears of the two top masters. Can't help secretly hate Han Bo. Or really want to Shao Cao this harmful guy. Think of here, a moment of heart shock, realize that he really can't help but like Han Bo,ball valve manufacturer, but the waves are in the side like a relative to encourage her, tell her this is a good home. Think of here, can not help but have a look at the waves and clouds. chinaroke.com

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