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12 October 2022

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First Name : Callender6
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But now the opposite of Wen Qingye is Chu Chuner, obviously she is not clear about these common sense. Wen Qingye directly handed the unconscious Qiu Ruoshui to Chu Chuner and said, "Here, hold her first." When Chu Chuner saw this, she couldn't help frowning and said, "What are you doing?"? I'm not touching this woman. Wen Qingye looked at Qiu Ruoshui lying on his arm and said helplessly, "After all, she and I are different." When Chu Chuner heard this, she looked at Wen Qingye in amazement. She curled her lips and said, "Big Beard, this one in your hand is the first beauty in the Big Moon Hades. Do you know the Big Moon Hades?"? Don't take advantage of the bastard. Wen Qingye shook his head helplessly, knowing that it was impossible for this Chu Chuner to help. Chu Chuner looked at Wen Qingye and said with a giggle, "You look helpless. Why don't you want to?" Wen Qingye ignored Chu Chuner and swept his mind forward. Three hundred miles away, there was a small boat, on which there was only an old man with white hair. The old man was not tall, and he was a five-grade celestial being. Seeing this, Wen Qingye's body rushed directly towards the boat. Hey, where's my water and fire clam beads? Give it to me. If you want to run, you can't. Chu Chuner saw Wen Qingye rushing forward and hurried to catch up with him. In less than a moment, Wen Qingye came hundreds of miles away and saw the boat flowing with the breeze at a glance. Although it was floating with the breeze,jacuzzi suppliers, the speed was extremely fast. Wen Qingye shouted, "Old gentleman, my friend is injured. Can I use your boat?" When the old man heard Wen Qingye's words, he smiled and said, "It's predestined to meet each other. It's a blessing for the old man to help others. You're welcome, Shaoxia." Wen Qingye landed on the canoe, folded his fists and thanked him. "Thank you,outdoor whirlpool, Laozhang." Only then did Wen Qingye see the old man's face clearly. Although the old man had white hair, his face was ruddy, his eyes were bright, and he was very bright. Chu Chuner saw Wen Qingye fall on the boat, and then followed closely. Wen Qingye took out a high-level spiritual healing elixir from the Sumeru mustard. At that moment, Chu Chuner hummed: "You are silly. You can look for it from her Sumeru mustard. Even the low-level immortal healing elixirs are available, and there are other treasures. If you like it, you can take it away directly, including the seal of the 33rd Heaven in her hand. This is a treasure." As soon as Wen Qingye flicked his fingers, the elixir in his hand fell into Qiu Ruoshui's mouth. Then he said indifferently, "No, it's just a minor injury. Besides, I'm not interested in it." "Didn't I help you save money?" Chu Chun'er was at a loss for words. After half a ring, she curled her lips and said, garden jacuzzi tub ,jacuzzi manufacturers, "I'm not interested. You're still taking my things. You're really a thief." The moment she finished, she felt that there was something wrong with her words. Her face turned red and she said angrily, "Hurry up and give me the water, fire and clam beads." One side of the old man heard Chu Chuner's words, showing a trace of surprise, "water and fire clam beads?" Wen Qingye's True Qi turned in Qiu Ruoshui's body. Qiu Ruoshui gradually opened his eyes and said in a daze, "Where is this?" The old man said with a smile, "This is an old man's boat. If your friend hadn't saved you, you might have been eaten by a fierce beast in the sea." Qiu Ruoshui remembered the situation at that time. He sat up slowly and looked at Chu Chuner doubtfully: "Chu Chuner, did you save me?" Chu Chuner dry laughed twice, rubbed his hands, do not know what to say, in fact, if not for her hand to block the two nine-grade fairy magic horn snakehead, Wen Qingye can not directly rescue Qiu Ruoshui. As soon as Qiu Ruoshui looked, he knew that he had not been saved by Chu Chuner. His face sank. He looked directly at Wen Qingye and said indifferently, "Thank you very much." "You're welcome," said Wen Qingye with a smile. When Chu Chuner saw Qiu Ruoshui's cold face, she hummed, "If it weren't for me, you wouldn't be alive." Then no one spoke any more, and the scene seemed a little strange. Chu Chuner looked at Wen Qingye and said, "Beard, what's your name?"? Where did you come from with such a long beard and dishevelled hair? Wen Qingye shrugged his shoulders and said, "My name is Wu Qiren. I'm just a casual practitioner." When Chu Chuner heard this, she laughed and said, "I'm just a casual practitioner. I'm really bold. Do you know my identity?" Wen Qingye took a look at Chu Chuner, can not help but show a smile, this Chu Chuner must die a fledgling girl, otherwise not some common sense do not know, he is too lazy to pay attention to this girl. Chu Chuner saw that Wen Qingye ignored him and felt that his self-declaration was really a loss of social status. He looked at Qiu Ruoshui resentfully and stopped talking. The old man stroked his beard beside him and said with a smile, "Sanpin Tianxian's casual practice is great." Wen Qingye took one look at Laozhang and asked, "I don't know what Laozhang's name is. Where are you going?" Chapter 1307 the meeting between Zhang Xiaoyun and Su Ying. The old man said with a smile, "The old man's name is Baili Mosu. He wants to go to Feisha Island to get the Tianyan spar from the island to refine a magic weapon. I was lucky to meet three of them." When Qiu Ruoshui heard Baili Mosu's words, he couldn't help shaking his head and said, "I'm afraid it's not so easy for you to go to Feisha Island to collect Tianyan spar. Feisha Island is occupied by the Guo family. They have firmly controlled Tianyan spar in their hands. A helpless casual practitioner, if you want to collect it, you must exchange something valuable with them." Bai Li Mo Su looked embarrassed, then gritted his teeth and said, "I happen to have the root bone of a Chihiro eel, which can be exchanged.." Qiu Ruoshui shook his head and said, "The root bone of Qianxun eel is really a good treasure, but the Guo family may swallow the root bone of your Qianxun eel. As for Tianyan spar, they won't give it to you. They are such a group of bastards." After hearing this,outdoor endless pool, Baili Mosu looked disappointed and sighed helplessly: "That..". Doesn't that mean I can't get Tianyan spar? I'm afraid it's hard for my Jiu Yunling to get promoted. Qiu Ruoshui smiled and said, "Since you're going to Feisha Island, I'll help you on my way." "Really?" 。 monalisa.com  

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