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12 October 2022

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First Name : Maria3
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Shangguan Ruoli wondered what the identity of Mammy Su was, and even the dark guards had to act according to her face. Is it not the mother of Dongming Ziyu? "Ah!" Dongming Ziyu knelt on the floor of the imperial study and sneezed. The Eastern Emperor frowned slightly and patted down a pile of folds. "King Xuan," he said in a deep voice, "these are the folds used to impeach your maidservant for bribing the police chief of the imperial court to kill the witness. What do you have to say?" "No, my son." When Dongming Ziyu finished saying these four words, he pursed his thin lips and stopped talking, but his back was straight and his pride was obvious. What the emperor needs is an obedient and obedient prince, not a proud and arrogant prince, even if he has the ability to govern the country. No? Human evidence and material evidence are all there! See for yourself! Said the fold hit Dongming Ziyu, Dongming Ziyu did not hide, the fold hit his head, face, body. The emperor used a lot of strength, Dongming Ziyu's forehead was cut by the wooden cover of the fold, blood flowed down, into his eyes, the eyes were red. The prince, who was standing on one side,caustic calcined magnesite, hurriedly knelt down in fear and said, "Father, calm down. Brother Huang must really not know. It must be his subordinates who try to figure out Brother Huang's mind without authorization in an attempt to cover up the truth." The emperor was very satisfied with the prince's frightened and respectful appearance. He was even more angry with the stubborn and arrogant Dongming Ziyu. He said angrily, "If you dislike Shangguan Ruoli and don't want to accept my marriage, you can bring it up directly with your father. The father won't necessarily punish you for resisting the decree. There's no need to assassinate Shangguan Ruoli secretly!"! Shangguan Tianxiao will return to Beijing soon. You will hurt the hearts of the military commanders who are fighting for the country! Dongming Ziyu knelt there motionless and unapologetic, like an ice sculpture. Really good stratagem, will pour dirty water on him,calcium ammonium nitrate price, not only to prevent him and ZhenGuo general office alliance, and let Shangguan tianxiao hate him, also let the emperor for his crime against the decree. The more he did not speak, the more angry the emperor became. He narrowed his eyes and said, "Withdraw the people sent to Zhenguo General's Office!"! What is the propriety of placing people in the courtiers' houses so openly?! Pay a fine of one year, and leave the matter of receiving envoys from various countries to the prince. After the envoys from various countries leave Dongming, you can think about it in the mansion. Dongming Ziyu is the God of war in the mainland of Canglan. This time, all countries come to Dongming to do some negotiations on the relations between several countries. Dongming Ziyu sits there and can deter all countries without speaking. Therefore, at this critical juncture, Dongming Ziyu cannot be grounded and must show up. Thank your father! Dongming Ziyu thanked him lightly. Dong Ming son Che drooping eyes flashed dissatisfaction and Yin ruthless, such a big thing, the father unexpectedly did not eliminate the military power of Dong Ming son Yu, only the following punishment, diammonium phosphate fertilizer ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, tube fart? What he wants to see is that Dongzizi Yu loses his military power! The East Emperor swayed wearily, "You go down!"! During this period of time when the missions of various countries are in the capital, I will never forgive him if he disregards the reputation of the East and makes a disgrace. "Yes!" The two of them kowtowed, got up, and withdrew from the imperial study. Dong Zizi Che took a look. Looking at the wound on Ziyu's forehead, he said with concern, "Brother, is the wound on your head all right?"? "Please ask the Imperial Physician to take a look. It's not good to leave a scar on your face." Dongming Ziyu didn't even give him a look and walked away. He knew that the emperor would not fail to know that it was difficult to convict him only by the words of one party, and that the emperor was just taking advantage to suppress him. So what? No matter what, the emperor did not dare to give the military power to other princes. Military power can only balance the power of the crown prince in him, without fear that he threatens the throne. Because, he can not be humane, will not have children, a prince who can not have children can not be the emperor! Dongming Ziyu wiped the blood from his face with a veil and pressed the wound. At the gate of the palace, Mo Wen came up to meet him. Seeing the blood on his veil, he asked with concern, "Wang Ye, are you hurt?" Mo wants to drive the luxurious carriage of four horses to come over and lift the curtain for Dongming Ziyu. Dongming Ziyu stepped into the carriage, followed by Mo Wen, and took out a box of ointment from the hidden compartment of the carriage, which was the same as the ointment that Mammy Su smeared on Shangguan Ruoli's forehead. Dongming Ziyu leaned lazily against the wall of the carriage, his eyes were like water, without waves, and no one could see his mood clearly. He closed his eyes slowly and asked Mo to apply the ointment to his forehead. "Let Mammy Su and Shen Yu go home," he ordered lightly. Don't ask to promise softly: "Yes!"! That Shangguan if from a blind man, there is no effective service around how to do? There are always inconvenient times for the dark guard to appear. "It's up to her own good fortune." Some people will never let him marry Zhenguo General's Office, can live on her own, if even this difficulty can not be overcome, also do not deserve to be his princess! Marry the prince's abandoned wife to him. His good father's trick is too high. Not only let the officials see that the holy will is humiliating him, even if he holds a large number of officials will not fall to him, but also let him and the prince pinch each other's power. More importantly, let Shangguan Tianxiao, who holds a large number of troops, walk on thin ice in the most powerful world of Prince, Xuanwang and Emperor Dongming. Even if he has great military exploits, he has to be careful. Whoever he offends is a sin that he can't eat. When Zhuifeng returned to Zhenguo General's Office, he conveyed the order for Mammy Su to return to Xuanwangfu. Mammy Su was surprised. "Back to the mansion at this time?"? How can she be like this without a competent person to serve her? "My subordinates waited for Wang Yeh outside the palace gate," said Chui Feng. "Wang Yeh was wounded in the palace and came out. Then he gave this order." "Wang Ye is hurt?" Mammy Su immediately diverted her attention. "Is it a big problem?"? Where did it hurt? "Forehead," said Chui Feng, "it's all right." "Forehead?"? If leave scar but how be good?! Mammy Su did not care whether Shangguan Ruoli had anyone to serve her, so she ordered Shen Yu to pack up her things and go home. "We've gone back to the mansion," he said to Shangguan Ruoli. "The prince came out of the palace and gave this order. I'm afraid it was at the emperor's behest." If you want to blame the emperor,Magnesium Oxide MgO, it has nothing to do with my prince! Shangguan Ruoli nodded calmly, "OK, thank you for Mammy's careful teaching these days. Ruoli has benefited a lot." 。 stargrace-magnesite.com  

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